This is quite possibly the most inaccurate article I've ever read.

What about leverage? Where I can borrow 80% of the money from the bank?

What about control? You have ZERO control with stocks. The moment you hit that BUY button you have no control as to what happens to your money. With Real estate I can control the rental income, I can control what type of tenant I place in the rental.

What about depreciation ? Where I can write off my rental over the next 27.5 years, basically giving me enough in tax write offs to cover 80% of the entire value of the house?

Stocks are scam, and so is bitcoin. You can't control it and oh by the way, no one is getting rich year after year in stocks, all the people who make the big money, are all invested in real estate.

Jason Rash

Born in the South, escaped but still have Southern roots. Love talking money and success. Real Estate Investor with 1.5 MM AUM

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